Model Cornerstone Assessments are deep, authentic assessment tasks for students, designed for the end of each grade band section of Performing Standards (PreK-2; 3-5; 6-8) and for each level of high school Performing Standards (Proficient, Accomplished, Advanced). The assessments are designed to reflect the Artistic Processes (Creating, Performing/Producing/Presenting, Responding and/or Connecting), helping link the assessments back to the performance standards. Modeled on the “Cornerstone Tasks” developed by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, these Model Cornerstone Assessments:

  • are curriculum embedded (as opposed to externally imposed);
  • establish authentic contexts for performance;
  • assess understanding and transfer via genuine performance;
  • integrate 21st century skills (e.g., critical thinking, technology use, teamwork) with arts content;
  • evaluate performance with established rubrics;
  • and engage students in meaningful learning while encouraging the best teaching.

The Model Cornerstone Assessments provided here are rich, and many can be utilized throughout an entire semester or year of arts study. Some of the assessments address several or even all of the Artistic Processes; some address one process. These models may not reflect all of your instruction, nor all of the assessment tools you have at hand to measure student learning. The models are shared here for your use and investigation.  While you are welcome to use the assessment as they are presented, please keep in mind that these are models or examples for you to work with.

Because student selection of arts courses in the high school can occur at any grade, the standards and the model cornerstone assessments to support them are written at three levels of proficiency rather than by grade.  The three levels were designed to be flexible enough to support varying degrees of achievement by students during high school.

Media Arts HS Level I Proficient Model Cornerstone Assessment

Media Arts HS Level II Accomplished Model Cornerstone Assessment

Media Arts HS Level III Advanced Model Cornerstone Assessment