National Core Arts Standards for Media Arts

Media Arts Standards 6-4-14

Media arts is a unique medium of artistic expression that can amplify and integrate the four traditional art forms by incorporating the technological advances of the contemporary world with emerging skill sets available to students and teachers.  Media arts students cultivate both artistic abilities and a technological aptitude.  The media artist utilizes a fundamental understanding of the mediums of analog and digital media to integrate digital technologies with traditional forms of artistic expression.

In June of 2014, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) published voluntary National Core Arts Standards, which are a significant revision of the standards first adopted in 1994. This revision of the 1994 National Standards for Arts Education includes Media Arts as a fifth arts discipline. While the 1994 standards only reflected a nascent use of media within the other four art forms—dance, music, theatre, and visual arts—our 2014 standards embrace media as a stand-alone art form. The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards recognized the growing interest in and diversity of media arts as new modes of expression within public education and answered the call of teachers for performance standards for the media arts. These standards are the result.

On this site, you will find the National Media Arts Standards,  and also accompanying Model Cornerstone Assessments. This work is intended as a guide for curriculum planning and instruction that incorporates 21st century technology-learning skills with media arts literacies.

We welcome media arts educators, administrators, parents and students to explore the site. We look forward to your participation in the ongoing conversation about the media arts standards.

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